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The International Institute of Protocol is a nonprofit institution, whose goals are directed to the promotion and dissemination of good manners and protocol in the XXI century society.

Founded in Madrid in October 2000, the initiative comes from professionals in the communication and protocol and seeking to combine their personal and professional efforts in order to promote standards and uses the protocol, respected the jurisdiction and projecting the international establishment socially correct behavior in the current globalized world.




The aims of the International Institute of Protcol are spreading, train, assess and reward the implementation by individuals and institutions of the etiquette of social life, business, institutional, academic, military, sports and religion

Disclose: Through the media, public appearances and institutional events.

Training: Promoting the delivery of protocol-face courses, online and as part of institutions and companies dedicated to quality education that has previously been endorsed by that institution.

Advising: Advising and consulting on protocol, institutional relations, international communication and image.

Evaluate: Issuing Certificates of quality and excellence in protocol approved by the International Institute of Protocol to companies and institutions.

Reward: Giving an annual award in various fields of work and the medal of honor to those who excel in their implementation and defense of the rules of protocol.


The institution is open to individuals and institutions committed to these ends.



Develop and promote scientific research in matters of protocol and communication that are of interest to public and private institutions.

Develop and promote high professional education courses and Master's program delivery and any specialized courses, and distance, in different fields and Communication Protocol without prejudice to its consideration as regulated teaching postgraduate or graduate.

To promote the dissemination of scientific works in the field of Communications and Protocol.

Create a framework for discussion and dialogue at international level.

Promote awareness and application of new technologies in the Protocol and Communication.

For this, we promote the signing of collaboration agreements with leading institutions and companies and prestige worldwide.